Danville police to soon use 'cruise lights' on police vehicles

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Danville police cruisers will soon be visible with steady, not flashing, display blue lights on the outer corners of the light bars.

Police plan to use these "cruise lights" when driving normally or parked in a neighborhood.  

With increased use in other areas of the country, studies have shown that their use has helped deter crime, according to Danville police.

Other departments electing to use cruise lights have reported for some time that they are a way for people to easily locate an officer when they need assistance and an additional way for residents to know the police are on patrol in the area.

These lights also help to identify our vehicles in situations where we may be outside of them conducting investigations, without causing too much attention with flashing lights. The lights can be switched off when the officer is conducting surveillance or enforcing traffic laws.

Police want people to not worry if they see the steady lights, but if the lights are flashing, or you hear the siren, please remember pull over in a safe manner as soon as possible.

Cruise lights are currently being deployed by such agencies as Washington D.C. Metro Police, Philadelphia and Cincinnati police, as well as Connecticut State Police and numerous other agencies nationwide.