Proposed duplex creating controversy in Danville

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - "I yelled at him to slow down, he slammed on the brakes, almost backed over me, and then got out and physically assaulted me," explained Judge James Reynolds, speaking about an experience he had with a driver as a result of the high speed of traffic in the area where the duplex would be built.

That experience is why Reynolds is in opposition to the current plan by Keith Walden to build a duplex at 112 Primrose Place.

Reynolds was one of five citizens who spoke in opposition to the duplex.

He said people already speed through the area and having a duplex would create more traffic and make the area even more dangerous.

"To add vehicles pulling in and out at that location where the sight lines are poor, to say the least, for anything coming around the corner from Mountain View is really only to exacerbate the problem," explained Reynolds.

The other four residents who spoke also said that their primary concern was with the potential traffic congestion the duplex would create.

"Especially on the weekends, you kind of get a lot of speed going on there. So, I have a hard time envisioning two families living and parking on that small little lot," one resident expressed to the commissioners.

In defense, Walden said he envisions a place for people living in the duplex to park off the street.

"You know, it's a duplex. There'd be a driveway or maybe a little turnout to park an extra car or something like that," Walden explained.

He also emphasized that the city did a study a few years ago that indicated the need for more housing in the $80,000 to $100,000 range, which the duplex would be.

But, some at the meeting pointed out that there are residences already available in that price range around the city.

In the end, the planning commission members decided to wait until their January meeting to vote on the special use permit in order to give Walden more time to talk to concerned residents.