Danville set to adopt new hazard mitigation plan just in time for possible winter weather

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Danville City Council is getting ready to adopt a new hazard mitigation plan just in time for potential winter weather.

The plan, which is expected to be adopted at the December 20 meeting, details how the city would respond to various hazards, including inclement weather.

In the last plan, adopted in 2011, winter weather and flooding were listed as significant priorities. In the new plan, they are have been upgraded to high priority.

Steve Dishman, the city's emergency management coordinator, said that doesn't necessarily affect the city's response. It's merely for the sake of trying to help the city be as prepared as possible.

"We look at all the possibilities, then probabilities, and then impacts if they do occur, play into this planning process," Dishman explained.

The state requires hazard mitigation plans to be updated every five years.

Danville's plan was developed by the West Piedmont Planning District in cooperation with Pittsylvania, Henry, Patrick, and Franklin Counties, Martinsville, and seven towns located within the counties.

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