Volvo expects drop in truck market next year, laying off 500 employees

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DUBLIN (WSLS 10) - Yet another round of layoffs at the Dublin Volvo truck plant hit families hard.

Pulaski County leaders said they received the WARN notice from Volvo on Wednesday morning.

About 500 workers are scheduled to be laid off February 13, 2017. This comes after 300 layoffs were announced during the summer.

County economic leaders are working with the Western Region Rapid Response team to help impacted employees figure out their next step.

"We just put our arms around the employees that are going through this and want to be with them during the holidays," said Pulaski County economic development director Michael Solomon. "That's our biggest concern right now."

Volvo said the laid-off employees will be subject to recall. The company expects the North American truck market to fall by 10 percent next year. It is already down 20 percent for 2016.

The layoffs will do away with the entire second shift.