DPD reminding people to be extra vigilant during the holidays in wake of Monday night robberies

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Prior to interviewing the owner of Riverside Pawn in Danville, owner Shane Hardway had not heard that there had been an armed robbery in the 1400 block of Piney Forest Road, about half a block away from the pawnshop.

"This concerns us a lot because it's, like, not something we're used to dealing with," Hardway explained.

About an hour after the robbery, a Chinese restaurant in the 3300 block of Riverside Drive was robbed at gunpoint.

Last Tuesday, a man was also found shot in the 1300 block of Piney Forest Road, also about half a block away from the pawnshop.

While some like Hardway are concerned because crime has recently occurred in areas that don't always see a whole lot of crime, the police department cautions people about jumping to conclusions.

"I share any concerns that citizens have. That's why we're here. Of course, this time of year we do have an increase in certain types of crimes anyway," said Danville Police Department Lt. Mike Wallace.

That's why the department encourages everyone to be alert, especially businesses.

"Opportunity for crime is certainly there when you have larger numbers of people; more money that's available. You're going to have some crime," Lt. Wallace explained.

Hardway said he understands and that's why he makes sure he and his employees do everything they can to be as safe as possible.

"We want to be safe. Definitely want our customers to be safe. We've got our cameras, our security, our gates are locked. We have updated our lighting out front in the past couple of week," said Hardway. "We have got our safety measures in place where nobody leaves alone and things of that nature."

The police department also encourages businesses to watch for suspicious activity such as someone who repeatedly comes in and out or is walking around the business and not buying anything. It could be a sign that the person is casing the business and employees should call the police.

As of Tuesday, Monday's robberies remained under investigation.

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