Franklin County Sheriff's Office says jail in desperate need of repairs

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ROCKY MOUNT (WSLS 10) - The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said it needs money for upgrades and repairs to the county jail.

Major Mike Bowman showed the board of supervisors Tuesday night how bad things have gotten inside the 1938 jailhouse. He said some cells are using cardboard over windows that do not shut to keep heat in. No air conditioning means cells get more than 100 degrees in the summer. There are pipes and a freezer that leak, and doors that get frozen shut in the winter, causing a fire hazard.

The concern is not only for the inmate's well being, but also to protect the county from a potential lawsuit over living conditions.

"There have been things brought up," said Bowman. "We just want to follow that, stay ahead of it, and don't let that catch us in that predicament. We want to make sure we're doing the right thing."

The board of supervisors asked the sheriff's office to prioritize the jail's needs and come up with a cost analysis. The board will then allocate money one step at a time.