Be careful before flying with wrapped presents

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - If you're planning to board a plane with gifts this holiday season you might want to think twice before wrapping them.

The TSA is reminding travelers while you are allowed to take wrapped gifts in carry-on luggage, you do run the risk of those gifts getting unwrapped at the security checkpoint.

If security officers believe the wrapped gifts need to be inspected, they may open them.

"It does slow security line down when people are having to undo their gifts. So we encourage you not to have the gifts wrapped as you go through security checkpoint. If you have something wrapped, the best thing to do is check it. Put it into your checked bags," explained Tim Bradshaw, Executive Director, Roanoke Regional Airport.

The wrapped gifts most likely to be checked include computers, laptops, electronics and anything involving liquid.

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