As VDOT prepares for snow, drivers urged to stay off roads

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Snowplow operators have been pre-treating major highways on Thursday ahead of Friday's expected storm.

They're putting down a salt and water solution, which will help prevent snow and ice from bonding to the road surfaces. This is done so that when the roads are plowed, the snow and ice will come up easier, allowing the roads to be cleared more quickly.

"So far we're able to get ahead of the storm and put the brine down and we are definitely able to pre-treat. So the temperature is allowing us to do that and we're making efforts to do that today and making our way through those major roads," said Jason Bond with VDOT.

The primary roads are VDOT's top priority for snow removal during a winter storm.

They're encouraging drivers to stay off the roads on Thursday night.