Southside prepares for snow's arrival

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) -  As winter weather approaches Southside, people in Danville making preparations to stay warm and dig themselves out if necessary.

Dominion Hardware, in Danville, said that snow shovels and ice melt are big sellers, but sleds were the most popular, so maybe more people are looking forward to playing in the snow than fighting it.

Some people who will be fighting it; however, are the men and women at the city public works department.

They said one thing the public needs to keep in mind is that it's a city requirement that all driveways and sidewalks be cleared by property owners within 24 hours after the storm passes.

Dominion Hardware said it still has shovels in stock.

"We're always prepared. I do these orders in September and October and we stock our warehouse and I'm usually always prepared for the winter weather," said Shae Hughes, the manager at Dominion Hardware.

Other items to keep in mind if you have to drive on Saturday are ice scrapers for the car as the temperatures will be below freezing.

Another thing public works has said to keep in mind is that all cars parked along the road should be moved because when plows come through, there's nowhere for that excess snow to go but on the side of the road.