Double homicide under investigation in Danville

UPDATE: Police have just released revised info regarding the van Amanda Lynn Willhite was last seen driving.

The van is now believed to be a white, 2005 Dodge van, not a Chrysler as they first thought. The plate number is now believed to be VMT-8752.

If you have information about Willhite's whereabouts call Danville Crime Stoppers at (434)-693-0000 or the Danville Police Department at (434)-799-6508.


"It's a very quiet neighborhood. We normally don't have anything like this," said neighbor Alen Reynolds describing his reaction to the double homicide.

Alen Reynolds grew up on Wrenn Drive and says he was shocked to learn that a double homicide had taken place across the street from his home.

When police arrived around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, he says a little boy was playing in the snow in the front yard.

"He was all bundled up like somebody had dressed him, but there was nobody alive in the house," Reynolds explained.

Police are being tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding the double homicide, only saying that someone who was coming to see the two victims called the police department and reported the deaths.

No information has been released about a possible cause of death.

"There's an investigative reason for that. It may be something that we'll release later."

Reynolds says he believes the two victims and the third woman police are searching for, Amanda Willhite, were selling drugs out of the home.

He says his family and others on the street have made numerous attempts to notify and even help police stop the activity, but the police department has not responded.

"My mother, step-father, they have definitely reported it. Other neighbors across the street as well. A lot of people have reported it and even offered the police to lay down car counters for them to see, put up cameras," Reynolds asserted.

WSLS reached out to the police chief's office for comment but all we were told was that the department neither confirms nor denies it is conducting any confidential narcotics investigation.

Neighbor Aydyn Mathews says he, too, suspects drugs were being sold out of the home.

He says he's not surprised something like this happened, but it does make him concerned.

"It just makes me want to get an extra gun."

Both Mathews and Reynolds believe if more had been done by the police department this could've been avoided.

The police department emphasized Monday that Willhite's safety is a priority and that she may be driving a white, 2005 Dodge mini van with license plates VMT-8752.

Contact the Danville Police Department if you have any information about Willhite or the van.