Roanoke County prepares for icy Monday morning commute

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ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - VDOT says you should be very careful driving on your Monday morning commute.

Freezing temperatures Sunday night will cause black ice.

Tracy Bryant was doing his best Sunday to get rid of some of that ice.

"Low temperatures is here to stay. Whatever did melt and refreeze, so I'm just trying to get a little extra chemicals down so it won't be bad for folks in the morning," said Bryant.

Across town, Bill Bridge was busy making sure his driveway was cleared to get out Monday, and he's glad VDOT did the same with his street.

"It's a little bit tough with about six inches of snow getting down off this hill, but since they came by we were pretty happy so we could go down to the store and get milk and bread and some of the other things that we kind of ran out of over the last couple days," said Bridge.

Bryant says he's been out driving, and while the main roads are safe, it's neighborhoods that are still a work in progress.

"It all depends on where the sun hits. If you see behind me, there's a lot of black ice, and that's why we're putting chemicals down. Out here where the sun shines, no problem," said Bryant.

Bridge is in one of those neighborhoods that, because of trees, the sun doesn't hit.

"I think tomorrow morning, we're definitely going to have to be cautious as we go out, because with the snow starting to melt off because of the radiant heat from the sun, it's probably going to put a little bit of black ice on the roads," said Bridge.

VDOT says that caution, and a little bit of patience, would be a good practice for every driver Monday morning.