Mother wants answers after two children involved in Dinwiddie bus crash

Kaitlin Flax, mother (Credit: WRIC)
Kaitlin Flax, mother (Credit: WRIC) (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

By Tracey Smith – DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Dinwiddie mother said she was in a panic after finding out her two children were on the school bus that crashed Thursday morning.


"I was scared to death," Kaitlin Flax said.

The bus that was carrying 32 elementary students flipped on its side.

Now, Flax wants to know how this crash could have happened and how the driver, with a history of poor driving, was still allowed to be behind the wheel.

"If you have something like that in the past, I don't understand why you are still allowed to be a bus driver," Flax said.


Flax said she's heard different stories from her two kids about what happened Thursday morning.


"I felt two big bumps and then we flipped over," her 9-year-old son, Dylan, explained.

While she believes accidents happen, she thinks someone should be held responsible.

"She wasn't paying attention and she ran off the road," Flax said. "As a bus driver you are carrying that many children with you, you need to be paying attention driving."

On a positive note, Flax said she is thankful that both her kids are OK.

"When I finally got to the hospital and talked to my children on the phone I was so relieved," said Flax.

Now back together with nothing but some scrapes and swelling, Flax said they plan to take a long weekend as a family. She also hopes to ease her kids new fears of riding the school bus.