Plow driver comes to aid of man stuck in the snow

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Emily Matesic, WBAY – MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) – It's the picture and story that have gone viral. A Menasha plow driver goes above and beyond the call of duty, helping to make sure a city resident gets home safely during a winter snowfall. The driver says he was just in the right place at the right time.

The streets in the City of Menasha are clear of snow and ice thanks to the work of the city's team of plow drivers. But, it's what Jim Koffarnus came across while out on his route downtown that's getting all the attention.

According to Koffarnus, "Pulled up on the intersection of Milwaukee and Main and here there was a guy in a battery operated chair and he was stuck, he was going back and forth."

So Koffarnus and another good samaritan who stopped, helped to push the man out of the snow. And then, without hesitation, Koffarnus deviated from his plow route, clearing a path for two blocks so the man in the chair could make it home.

He says, "Had to get him home. I didn't want him to get hurt or anything like that."

The picture of the man following the plow, with a narrative of what "Jim" in truck 26 did, was posted to Facebook. It's since been shared nearly two thousand times. Comments of thanks commending Koffarnus for a job well done have also been posted. It's attention Koffarnus wasn't looking for when he came to the man's aid.

In fact, after working a 17-hour shift plowing the streets and getting home early in the morning, Koffernus told his wife, "I said, I just want to go to bed and get some sleep because it was a long day yesterday and then back in early today."

Koffarnus isn't much for his new found fame, he says he was just doing his job. Adding, "I'm just glad the guy is home safe and I could help him out."

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