Henry County residents walk to end violence in their community

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HENRY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Henry County residents are rallying together to try to end violence.

Dozens participated in a Stop The Violence walk in Sandy Level on Monday morning.

The walk was in conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Those who participated say Dr. King's legacy is about coming together to create peace. They hope the walk will help people in the area come together to create a more peaceful community.

"I come from this community, so it just means a lot to me to give back. I'm a student at UNC, so I'm trying to go and do a lot to help change communities," said Dezbee McDaniel.

"We feel like when we unite with more people saying the same thing we'll have more impact," said Rev. Avon Keen, Virginia SCLC President and President of the Danville SCLC chapter.

"Sandy Level," Rev. Keen continued, "was having some of the similar problems that we're having in the city of Danville. [The community] was having some of the violence that stems from a lot of drug activity and other things of that nature."

Everyone gathered at St. John Baptist Church after the walk for other MLK Day activities.