Bedford house fire on Link Rd. displaces two

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A fire destroys another house in the Town of Bedford.

It happened in the 1500 block on Link Road around 5:30 Wednesday afternoon.

It was the second time in two days, crews at the Bedford Fire Department had to respond to a house fire.

Thankfully this time, nobody was hurt.

Crews had to work Wednesday to pump water down a long driveway to get to the burning house.

There were two women inside who were able to escape unharmed.

They told crews they believe the fire began on the back porch.

"There's significant damage in there, between what the fire did and the fire guy is checking for extension, which is normal, pulling ceilings, things like that. An old house, so it had a lot of plaster walls and ceilings and the lathing strips and whatnot and that's always a challenge. Hard to say whether it will be repaired or not," said Bedford County Fire Marshal Jeff Pauley.

Pauley says the family also operated a business out of the house, called Robertson Equipment.

As for the fire crews, he says they had it much easier than the fire they fought on Grove Street the day before.

"Yesterday morning, we had some staffing issues and folks were doing a little more work than they normally might be doing, but that's just the nature of the business, especially with all volunteer agencies," said Pauley.

Pauley says the family did have insurance and has a place to stay.

Crews left the scene Wednesday, but Pauley said they would be back in the morning Thursday to sift through the debris to try to find out what caused the fire to start.


BEDFORD (WSLS 10) - Crews say a house fire in Bedford is now under control.

Several people were able to exit the house on their own, according to the Bedford Fire Department.

The fire started in the back of the building on Wednesday evening at the home on Link Road.

The house also operates as the business Robertson Farm Equipment Sales and Service.

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