Seven Hills Food Co. chosen to provide beef for Inaugural Luncheon

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - As we get closer to the Presidential Inauguration, people across the nation, and in our area, are preparing for the big day.

In Lynchburg, Seven Hills Food Company has been selected to provide the meat for the President's first meal in office.

Seven Hills opened as a meat processing plant and distributor just one year ago in Lynchburg.

The actual cows that provide the beef are from Glenmary Farm, which is also in Virginia, and owner Tom Nixon says he credits the farm-to-table movement for giving Virginia beef newfound recognition.

"I think it's something that's going to grow. People want to know where their food is coming from, and I think that it's a good thing," said Nixon.

"We can really make Virginia beef mean something, not just within our region, but outside our region," said Seven Hills President Ryan Ford. "I think we've got a real shot, when people hear about Virginia beef that they think of it being the best beef in the country."

The official dish that will be served is a grilled beef tenderloin with dark chocolate, juniper jus, and potato gratin.