Members of Danville Islamic Center react to Trump Executive Orders

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - We're hearing reaction in our area to the Executive Orders President Trump signed.

WSLS 10'S Rob Manch spoke to two men, Kalil Khan and Muhammad Satti.

They say in many ways, they believed Trump's talk on the campaign trail of banning Muslims and building a border wall was just that... talk.

They say that belief ended Wednesday.

Trump has now signed an Executive Order calling for that border wall to be built, and right now has a draft Executive Order written that would ban any travel of quote "foreign nationals" specifically from Iraq or Syria for the next 30 days.

That order, that has yet to be signed, says its intent is to quote "protect our citizens from foreign nationals who intend to commit terrorist acts."

Both Satti and Khan say, instead of protecting people, they're afraid it will tear them apart.

"It's going to affect people who are doing legal things, who are entering the country legally more than people who are doing illegal things and have other means to enter the country," said Satti.

"If you get the grandkids and the grandfather is overseas and he wants to go see his grandkids, that's disbarred completely. That alienated the parents or the grandparents from the children. Now what good is that? That is imbecilic, moronic. How can you do that?" said Khan.

Satti fears many people he knows who have family overseas may not be able to see their relatives if that order is passed.

Both men also say they're concerned about their tax dollars going, at least initially, to fund the construction of a border wall that is projected to cost billions.