Roanoke-based company honors veterans with monthly award

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - A Roanoke-based company is putting money where its message is.

Every month, Alcova Mortgage give a veteran the Hometown Hero award, honoring them for their service and dedication to the community.

Along with a plaque, the recipient is also handed a check for $500 from the company.

The Jefferson Center's Fred Pryor was the most recent recipient.

Pryor was nominated for his service in the Marine Corps, but he also continued that spirit when he ran the Toys for Tots program in Lynchburg.

"It's nice. It's really nice and the fact that Alcova does it and that you have friends that care enough that try to recognize you for things that you think are normal, it's pretty special," said Pryor.

"I think everybody says I want to give back. I think that something everybody talks about, so we wanted to put it into practice you have a consistent program," explained Bobby Nicely, one of three founders of Alcova Mortgage.

Alcova is looking to expand the Hometown Hero award to include police, fire, EMS and teachers.

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