Danville Muslim veteran disagrees with President Trump's temporary travel ban

DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - Reading a prepared statement, Abdul Hakim Abdullah said he understands the need to keep the country safe, but believes President Donald Trump's temporary ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries coming to the United States does not actually make the country safer.

"Mr. President," Abdullah said as he read from his statement, "you have done just the opposite by giving fodder to ignite the flame of discontent even more for those who hate."

That, he says, undermines his sacrifice as a member of the military.

"If you understand the true meaning of the word 'patriot,' that means that we do not let the world and the discontent around the world overshadow our values here in the United States. We're supposed to be the peacekeeper, those that fight for freedom and equality," Abdullah emphasized.

He has a brother and nieces and nephews in the military, currently serving overseas and now worries that they and other service members have become even bigger targets.

His wife, also a Muslim, says she, too, feels that the country is now less safe and is angry at the country for which her husband served. She said she now has to fear possibly being separated from her family if she travels.

"We should be able to go where we want to go and not have to worry about those things."

On Tuesday, Virginia U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine announced that they have cosponsored a bill to rescind the president's travel ban.

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