Business owners seek to provide input on plans to improve Williamson Road

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Efforts to upgrade to one of Roanoke's busiest roads continue.

The Williamson Road Improvement Committee held its monthly meeting on Tuesday and local leaders and community members examined traffic counts. Officials said parts of Williamson Road see 10,000 to 15,000 drivers each day. The committee is in the planning phase and focusing on ways to upgrade Williamson Road from Angell Avenue NW to Orange Avenue.

Business owners who attended Tuesday's meeting said they look forward to seeing positive changes; however, they also expressed concerns about the potential impact construction could have on businesses.

"The thing we need to make sure is that it is the consensus of not just a few people, but of the whole business owners along there," said Wayne Hawley, Wayne's Quality Tires. "We have a tight-knit group, some have been there 40 years, me being 16 has been the youngest. We need to make sure those ideas get put into this because this is our livelihood."

The committee is in the planning phase and will continue to take suggestions. The next meeting is set for March 21.