Roanoke nonprofit gives Westside students refurbished computers

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - A local nonprofit is making a difference educating girls on technology and even sending new laptops home with them.

The Westside Debutants were shocked to learn PatchX was giving them refurbished laptops.

The nonprofit worked with the girls for about a month, teaching them the ins and outs of computers and online safety, even allowing the students to take them apart.

"Some of the girls may already have it in their home, but maybe that's one they have to share, this is theirs just for them and it just opens up a whole new door for them," explained Sherri Ambrose, Debutant Coordinator.

"The real thing that made me happy is that they actually gave us computers when they didn't have to," explained Nia Payne, Westside Debutant member.

This wraps up the third year PatchX and total health have teamed-up to offer the afterschool technology class.

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