Supporters in Southwest Virginia reflect on President Trump's first month in office

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - It's been one month since President Donald Trump took office.

A new Roanoke College poll released on Tuesday found Virginians generally disapprove of Donald Trump's presidency thus far. According to the survey, residents think he is moving too quickly on policies and view him unfavorably.

More than 1.7 million Virginians voted for the Republican during the general election, according to the Virginia Department of Elections' website. In Bedford County, election results show Donald Trump voters outweighed Hillary Clinton supporters 3 to 1.

Fishers Restaurant is a local favorite in Bedford. It's a place regulars go for a hot meal and good conversations. Owner Lisa Saunders is among those who voted for Donald Trump.

"For the folks that voted for him that feel he had a defined agenda and is going after something, I think we all feel like he's on a mission and coming through," she said. "I've been pleased so far.'

That was a sentiment also held by customer Deborah Caldwell-Bono, an attorney who lives in Roanoke.

"I like that he is really focusing on trying to create jobs for Americans and to stop seeing all of the work go overseas," said Caldwell-Bono.

The president's efforts to fulfill campaign promises and fill cabinet positions have sparked controversy. During his first month in office, there have been nationwide protests, the resignation of a national security adviser and backlash from his executive order on immigration. While some disagree with him, supporters stand by their pick for America's 45th president.

"There is a lot of controversy but I think a lot of people are turning a blind eye to what he is doing because they were so against him" said Caldwell-Bono. "They have a right to free speech and to do what they want, but I think they need to give the guy a chance."

"Our country needs a change and we need somebody that is not afraid to speak up and make a difference," said Saunders.

President Trump will deliver the 2017 State of the Union address on February 28.