Danville Youth Council helping city leaders better understand, connect with youth

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - For the members of the Danville City Youth Council, when it comes to crime, meeting with city leaders is exciting because they say crime is just as much of a concern to youth in the city as it is to city leaders.

"It's hard to just walk around the city and act like there's nothing going on when, at any moment, anything can happen to you or anybody in general. So, it kind of puts a lot of restrictions, especially on younger people, on where they can go. So, it affects us a lot," said 11th grader Dacia Marable.

The one and only meeting so far came last week and has given the youth council confidence that specific concerns that youth have will begin to be addressed and that, they say, is relieving because what the city does now for youth development will have a huge impact on the rest of their lives.

"That sets people's lives and it also creates a better atmosphere here in Danville," said 10th grader Gavin Oaks. "It'll give people a better understanding of Danville and it'll make them want to come back."

"Sometimes people just need a person there just to help them and get them on the right track," said Car'leyon, a 9th grader.

In the meeting, council members spoke with members of the city's economic and community development departments.

Discussion included a variety of topics, including the Riverwalk Trail, businesses and how the city sends out information about what's going on.

"We were just talking do things for the arts, not just for young people but for old people of all ages," Marable explained. "There's a lot of talent in Danville that's unnoticed because we don't have anywhere or any place to do it."

The students say they now feel like they know more about the city and hope that they will become increasingly informed now that a meeting has been held and city leaders have a better idea about how to connect with them.

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