Dashcam shows doggy-distracted driver's crash

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KSL – SUNSET, Utah (KSL) - Dashcam video shows the moment a Utah driver distracted by her dog crashed head-on into a Davis County Sheriff's Office SUV Thursday.

"I was expecting her to weave back over, out of the way," Deputy Dave Passmore said. "She never did."

Passmore said he had slowed his speed to 9 miles per hour, but the sedan struck his SUV traveling 30 miles per hour.

"She said that she wasn't looking at anything -- that she was just on her way to pick up her parents. But as I'm watching her approach me, she's not looking at where she's going," Passmore recalled. "Just a fraction of a second before impact, she looks up, sees me, sees what's about to happen, and by then it was too late."

Passmore said the 23-year-old woman appeared to be holding her dog at the time.

"I don't know why she was messing with the puppy," Passmore said.

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