New jobs brings hope to the City of Buena Vista

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BUENA VISTA (WSLS 10) A multi-million dollar investment brings hope to the city of Buena Vista.

A failing golf course drained money from the city over the years, but now, one of the city's biggest employers is putting money back into the community.

Munters Corporation is hiring 100 new jobs. It's a manufacturer of dehumidification and energy recovering systems and custom air handling equipment.

Munters is investing $2.5 million to expand and upgrade equipment.

"With this comes a good amount of security for the employment there and the factory. And it's also significant news for Buena Vista as we move forward the city in a positive direction. This certainly contributes to the momentum that we work hard to accomplish here," said Mayor Larry Tolley.

Tolley said they have been working with Munters Corporation and workforce development since November to bring employment.