As major retailers close doors, your shopping habits could be changing

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Shopping habits could be changing as more major retailers across the country are shutting their doors.

Julie Wheeler, President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Western Virginia, said more people are relying on their devices than their feet to go shopping.

"There's been a huge shift in how people shop and how people find things they're looking for with the internet," explained Wheeler.

She said retailers are struggling to keep up with the competition. So rather than waiting until Christmas for the best deals, stores are offering more sales earlier each season.

"Now you can go to a store anytime and there's going to be some sort of sale going on," continued Wheeler.

Vinny Mullins has been browsing local stores like Sam's looking for a pair of boots because he doesn't believe in online shopping and is glad to shop at local retail stores.

"I at least have somewhere I can go, and actually see the merchandise up close, and feel it, touch it," explained  Mullins.

At Serenity Treasures, workers said many of the items in the store are uniquely hand-crafted and cannot be purchased anywhere else.

"I like to sell things in the store that they don't get to experience. Things that they have never seen," said Serenity Treasures owner Dev Oli.

Meanwhile, specialty business owners are aiming to preserve the intimacy of their stores.

A shopping shakeout, not likely to settle down, anytime soon.