New craft brewery, new cafe open in Boones Mill

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BOONES MILL (WSLS 10) - The revitalization effort in Boones Mill leads to two new businesses suited for local and out-of-town crowds opening in town. That makes five new businesses in a year and more are on the way.

Big things are happening in the small town of Boones Mill as the once railroad town is now working to thrive in the 21st century.

Not long after adopting their first comprehensive plan, Boones Mill, a town with a population of 250 people, has welcomed five new businesses.

Two of those businesses, The Wooden Spoon Cafe, which features gluten-free baked goods, and a brewery just opened. Town Manager Matt Lawless said it’s an exciting time to be in town.

"To see both of them open within a couple weeks of each other really feels like a good boost of momentum to the town and we have seen a lot of excitement in the community."

Long empty store fronts are once again open for business. Windows in stores along Main Street in the town now have fresh signs and open doors waiting to serve customers.

"Two restaurants, a pet salon, a gun shop, a lot of vacant buildings in our historic district filled in by new interesting businesses that are helpful to local residents and tourists. I think things like the Brew Pub fit that perfectly,” Lawless said.

Hammer & Forge Brewing Company has been open for less than a week, but already you'll find eight original craft beers on tap.

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