County in budget phase for Wytheville schools renovations

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WYTHE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Spiller Elementary School, Scott Memorial Middle School and George Wythe High School need repairs and they may be a step closer to getting them after a meeting with the county's board of supervisors.

As we've previously reported, parents and people living in the area have expressed concern about the conditions of the schools. From the outside, George Wythe High School looks okay; however, the inside is in desperate need of repairs.

The Assistant Principal Russell Street showed us the many issues students, faculty and staff see every day. There's no tile on the floor in one classroom, there are multiple cracks in walls throughout the school and the windows are so bad cold air can be felt in rooms like the auditorium.

"We want you to start to rebuild or renovate school today. At the meeting last night, suddenly we had plans to begin this process in the next two weeks," said Rhonda Simmerman, a former teacher.

Superintendent Jeff Perry was at the meeting in support of residents voicing their concern. He has previously met with the board of supervisors to talk to determine the best way to move the capital project forwards

"They directed the county manager to go ahead to meet with the division superintendent along with two board of supervisors members and two school board members to meet next week to talk about some of the specifics about the scope of the work, the nature of the work and how much they are willing to fund for the project," said Perry.

In fact, the board of supervisors said they've always planned to renovate or repair the schools. They just need to make sure they have the budget in place.

"I think one thing that may have happened is there was a little impatience on the public end recognizing that we have a budget process and we're just beginning the budget process as well so moving forward we are looking at several different options with the school board that's being evaluated, " said Jeremy Farley.

Right now, it's not known how much it will take to for renovations, or which school they will start with.

The updates were part of a plan made by the board to update the county schools first and then move on to the schools in the town of Wytheville.