Roanoke City and County offer 'Violence in the Workplace' workshop

ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Roanoke County and Roanoke City police teamed up to offer the first of two free "Violence in the Workplace" workshops on Tuesday.

About 70 people attended the event at the South County Library. Organizers discussed topics such as phases of emergency preparedness, which includes prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Officers say having training events aren't meant to scare people, but rather raise awareness about safety.

"In today's society, we can't bury our head in the sand and think that this stuff doesn't happen around us," said Officer Ronnie Hodges, with the Roanoke Police Department. "It happens everyday around the country. "So when they leave {this workshop} they are thinking, they are already thinking 'When I get back to my business, if something happens what can I do?'"

The second free workshop takes place April 4. People must have attended Tuesday's event in order to become eligible for part two.