Fans from all over in Martinsville for this weekend's races

MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) - For Canadian Grant Mitchell, this weekend's race is something he's been looking forward to for a long time.

"Been to Bristol, watched the night race. It was awesome. If you're going to watch short track racing you've got to go to Martinsville," Mitchell said.

After retiring in February, he and his wife hooked up their fifth-wheel and went on a road trip to the Florida Keys. Stopping in Martinsville for the races is part of their trip back home.

"My favorite thing so far, we haven't even gotten to the racing end of it, so far is the people," Mitchell explained.

New Yorker Chris Thorington has been coming to Martinsville for more than a decade.

He says the racing and the Southwest Virginia weather make this weekend something he looks forward to every year.

"I enjoy the weather. Just hang out like everybody else and watch some good racing here," Thorington said.

Robin Mitchell is spending the week at the Speedway with family, including her granddaughter.

"Oh, I love it," Robin Mitchell said. "The first time I ever took my daughter to the race, she just loved it. So, now my granddaughter comes."

Aside from an opportunity to spend time with family, history is what brings her to the race.

"It was the first race I ever went to. My boy [Kevin Harvick] won and I just love Martinsville. It's a great track. Lots of crashes," she said.

Other fans say they are looking forward to good racing and an opportunity to meet and hang out with other campers at the speedway.

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