PHCC creates on-campus food pantry to help students

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HENRY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Patrick Henry Community College is taking a unique step to combat hunger on campus.

The college has just opened a food pantry exclusively for students.

Staff members in the college's Student Success Center discovered that many students were coming to class hungry, so the staff members used a grant to open the pantry.

Students create an account and then receive 25 points every two weeks to spend at the pantry.

For example, a box of macaroni costs three points and a can of vegetables costs half a point.

"The point system was for a very important reason. Number one, we want to be able to sustain it. Number two, we wanted to teach them to be able to come in and almost be on a budget and teach them financial literacy skills," Student Success Center Director Christy Yaples explained.

Students can also get hygiene items at the pantry as well.

The grant money will expire at the end of June when the current fiscal year ends, but Yaples said students, faculty, and staff have already started donating money to help fund the pantry after the grant ends.

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