People learn how to save a life in opioid overdose training session

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RADFORD (WSLS 10) - Radford University students as well as community members got a hands-on experience at "Revive," a training session on how to save a life in the event of an opioid overdose.

Student Briana Graham of Radford University recalls several classmates who overdosed on opioids in high school.

"If I were their and able to help them," said Graham.

Graham went to the revive training session to not only bring awareness, she also wanted to learn from trainer and chair, Sarah Melton of OnceCare of Southwest Virginia, who talked about the severity of opioid overdose.

"Virginia is in a state of emergency in regard to opioid overdose deaths," said Melton.

Melton offered practical instructions on how to save the life of someone who has overdosed on opioids, whether the overdose happened accidentally or intentionally.

"We taught them how to identify someone at risk of an overdose, we also taught them from start to finish how to administer rescue breaths, call 911, as well as to administer the antidote which is the naloxone," said Melton.

Graham is hopeful about the new skills she has learned, "If I were to see someone who has overdosed i'd feel comfortable in how to revive them i feel confident,"

In addition to the training, Melton is trying to bring awareness to naloxone, "We would like everyone to carry this because you never know with our epidemic of these overdose deaths."

Melton said she hopes that everyone who attended the training session will spread the word on how to save a life in the community.