Hundreds help Eagle Rock firefighter who nearly lost life to save others


BOTETOURT COUNTY (WSLS 10) - People in Botetourt County rally around a man who nearly lost his life to save others.

This happened during the deadly flood that affected people across West Virginia and in Alleghany County last year.

Alan Wright suffered a cardiac arrest after being pulled under water during a rescue.

On Saturday, owners at the Blue Ridge Vineyard said people from all over the region came together to help raise money for Wright.

He is now home going through rehabilitation.

Barbara Kolb of Blue Ridge Vineyard knows this courageous firefighter personally.

"I love his smile, and the fact that he's never known a stranger," said Kolb.

She put on the fundraiser along with others around the Eagle Rock community for Wright and his family.

Kolb said, despite no advertising, supporters kept coming in from all across Southwest Virginia, "We're taking the zip codes of everyone who comes in, because what we want to say is this has been a community effort. We have people from all over the area to help out."

Wright's colleague, Darryl Johns, considers Wright as one of the fire department's greatest assets.

"Great leader, very motivated, doesn't say no to anything," said Johns.

Vice President, Gregory Jakubowski, of Parrot Heads of the Blue Ridge, also participated in the fundraiser, "Now it's time for us to help him back and his family," he said.

Alan Wright and his friends and family, fighting for one another.