Juvenile arrested, charged with killing Pittsylvania County teen

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY (WSLS 10) - "I could just lay my head on his stomach or chest and just lay there," said 18-year-old Demetrius Brown's father, Dennis Brown Sr.

That's all Brown said he could do when he found his son lying in the street shot in the head.

"A car had gone down the street and come back up and my son walked up the street. Few seconds later, I heard something go 'pop,'" Brown explained.

He said he didn't think anything of it, but after about 30 minutes he decided to go see what had happened.

"I told my wife, I said, 'let me go up here and see if this boy laying in the road.' Got in her car and drove up the street and my son laying in the road," said Brown.

His son meant everything to him, he says, and was extremely smart, making the discovery even more difficult.

He said Demetrius was hanging out with what he calls "the wrong crowd" and he talked to him constantly about this, even encouraging him to go to college, and said Demetrius was trying to change.

"I would often tell him, 'boy, you got a lot of book sense you just ain't got no common sense,'" Brown stressed. "It's like evil and good pulling him. He wanted to do right."

At a news conference on Thursday, Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor said the motive for the shooting is unclear and it's unclear if there is a connection between Demetrius and the 17-year-old suspect.

"The juvenile suspect is in a secure facility in South Carolina and we are awaiting word on the process of the extradition," Sheriff Taylor explained.

The Pittsylvania County Commonwealth Attorney will determine whether he will be charged as an adult or a juvenile.

According to Sheriff Taylor, the 17-year-old became a suspect during the investigation Wednesday night.

Investigators learned that he had likely fled the state, so they issued an alert to law enforcement in surrounding states.

Taylor said early Thursday morning the teen was spotted in Colleton County, S.C. and led deputies there on a high-speed chase, crashing his car and running.

He was arrested before he got away.

As of Thursday, he was charged with first-degree murder but Taylor said more charges could be coming.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at 434-432-7800 or the Pittsylvania County Crimestoppers at 1-800-791-0044.