Botetourt County plans for new apartments at Daleville Town Center

DALEVILLE (WSLS 10) - Botetourt County officials are in the process of approving a new apartment building at the Daleville Town Center as more jobs are coming to the area.

Fralin & Waldron, Inc.wants to build two four-story buildings with 95 apartment units.

“It is a place where you can have a complete community in Botetourt County,” says Botetourt County Assistant Manager Cody Sexton.

The Town Center currently has 125 apartments within walking distance to several restaurants and breweries.

“Daleville Town Center folks have come for a new apartment building and provide a nice aesthetic mix of new apartments for the area,” said Sexton.

Local businesses welcome the expansion.

“I think it's really exciting with all of the growth here in Daleville. I already live in the apartments that are currently existing. We love living here. Everything is close by,” says Town Center Tap House manager Z. Surber.

“With a thousand jobs coming to the county the next five to 10 years, we wanted folks who work in Botetourt County to live in Botetourt County,” explained Sexton.

He added that the county has a master plan to incorporate more residential, business, and recreational opportunities, “As development continues, we want to make sure we are hitting all the buttons, we want to make sure we are creating a complete, and complex community.”

The county's board of supervisors will make the final decision on the new apartments at their meeting on April 25.