Sen. Tim Kaine visits with Roanoke-area veterans

He has lunch with members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1264

ROANOKE – U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine made a stop in Roanoke on Wednesday to meet with local veterans and talk about some of their concerns.

He had lunch with members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1264.

They discussed a number of topics, from the VA Choice Health Benefits program to VA budget issues.

Kaine said a 90-day hiring freeze President Donald Trump implemented in January has made it difficult to tackle some of the veterans' concerns.

"If we are backed up on disability claims at the VA or it takes people too long to get appointments and then you put a hiring freeze in place so you can't hire the personnel to do the work, the problems are going to get worse, not better," said Kaine.

That federal hiring freeze was lifted on Wednesday, but Budget Director Mike Mulvaney said many jobs will remain unfilled.

The Trump administration said this is part of a larger effort to save taxpayer money.


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