Foundation provides support to VT families and survivors after tragedy

New campaign will help others who may experience the same loss

BLACKSBURG – In light of the 10-year anniversary of the shooting at Virginia Tech, a new campaign is launched to help others who may experience the same loss.

In the aftermath of the 2007 tragedy. Many of the 32 families came together to create a foundation to help support the survivors and family members left behind.

In 2009, the Virginia Tech Victims Family Outreach Foundation was started to advocate for stronger gun control and safer campuses in the U.S. This year the foundation started a new initiative called Campaign 32.

"Campaign 32 is dedicated so that every state submit(s) names they have found to be a danger to themselves or others or committed to treatment to the national instant criminal background check, (a) system which we are all familiar with. When their names are on the system they will be prevented from buying a gun," said Paul Friedman, executive director of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

Many of the families and survivors of April 16 are part of the foundation's Board of Directors. Several of them will be in Blacksburg this weekend for the Day of Remembrance ceremonies.