New details about Campbell County crash that killed toddler

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Kayla Fuller said her brother, Timothy, and her nephew, Noah, were on their way to an Easter egg hunt when they crashed into a tree.

Three-year-old Noah died in the Campbell County single-vehicle crash.

Fuller said Noah's father was swerving to miss another car when his truck ran off Leesville Road.

State police are still investigating what happened Sunday, but at this point, no charges have been filed.

Police did confirm that alcohol was not involved and both passengers were wearing seat belts, so at this point, it seems this was simply a horrible tragedy for this family.

"We never thought we'd be going through this at all," said Fuller, who received the call from a witness on-scene and rushed over.

"Parked my car, ran to the scene, and I saw my brother laying there and asked about my nephew, and they told me it wasn't good, that I was not able to see him," Fuller said.

Through witnesses and police, she slowly pieced together what had happened.

"It was a car making a wide turn and kind of ran him off the road. that's when the truck got pulled into the gravel and hit a tree and spun around and went into the embankment," Fuller said.

She said at the time, her brother was injured, but tried to save Noah's life.

"He doesn't even remember. I know he was knocked out for a little while, we don't know how long, but he took Noah out the car seat and started giving him CPR," Fuller said.

Fuller said a rescue squad quickly arrived and rushed Noah to Lynchburg General Hospital.

"They told us just to get everything together and meet them at the hospital," said Fuller.

Later that afternoon, Noah was pronounced dead, but to her family, Fuller said, he's a hero.

"Three minutes before the incident, he looked at his daddy and said you buckled me in, now you buckle you in. And they said that if he wasn't buckled in, he wouldn't have made it either," Fuller said.

Fuller said her brother Timothy received 10 stitches, but will make a full recovery.

The family is raising money for a Noah's  funeral through a GoFundMe page.

A public visitation will be held at Tharp Funeral Home in Lynchburg at 1 p.m. Thursday, followed by a private burial service for family.