15+ people victimized by card skimming devices in Vinton

Vinton police, BBB warn of card-skimming devices

VINTON – Police are looking for several people they say have been skimming credit cards in our area.

Gas pumps 6 and 10 in the back of the Exxon Gas station on Gus Nicks Boulevard are where the card-skimming devices were found.

Police say at least 15 people had their cards' information stolen and used in other places throughout Virginia.

The skimmers were discovered April 17, a month after the first report of fraudulent activity at the Vinton Exxon.

"The ones we saw on the Exxon were in line. So it's just pretty much a big wire connection. And they pretty much just open up the box and put the wire in right along with the wire that's already inside and close the box back up. So as a customer, you won't see anything," Vinton police Detective Brandon Hill said. 

Vinton police gave us pictures of people using the skimmed cards from Vinton at a 7-Eleven in Richmond.

Hill said the card information is has also been used for ATM withdrawals at CVS locations, mainly in Northern Virginia.

"Video from all the stores locations that were used and we're comparing the pictures. We noticed a lot of the stores they are using these ATMs are the same two, three, or four people," Hill said.
The Better Business Bureau says card skimming is big business and not all devices will look the same. They can be used at bank ATMs, gas stations and even restaurants.

"And how they capture it is sometimes they have to get the device back to get it, but a lot of times they are using Wi-Fi and they can be within range and capture information," BBB of Western Virginia CEO Julie Wheeler said.

Wheeler said  looking for an inspection sticker or security tape at gas pumps for signs of tampering can prevent credit card fraud.

While it's important to notify your bank of any credit card fraud or theft, police say also file a report with law enforcement agencies.