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Faces of Addiction: The conversation continues

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ROANOKE – Opioid overdoses are a growing problem across Virginia.

Prescription opioid overdoses killed 576 Virginians last year and Southwest Virginia counties have the highest rates of fatal prescription overdoses in the Commonwealth. 

It's easy to get lost in the numbers. Those fighting to recovery are mothers, daughters, sons and brothers.   

Annelise Frey is currently seeking treatment at Bethany Hall. She had a normal childhood, growing up in the suburbs of DC.

Her mom, Jan, recalls the time Annelise called and said she was addicted to heroin. 

Jan said, "I was angry, I was devastated, but again I'm a very positive person and I thought, we'll get you into treatment and that will be it."

But it wasn't as simple for Annelies as one trip to rehab. 

In fact, she would end up homeless, in jail twice, and lose custody of her son.

Tonight on WSLS 10 at 6, the signs Annelise's mom say were there but missed.

About the Author:

After working and going to school in Central Virginia for over five years, Lindsey’s made her way back home to the mountains.