Carilion launches paddle sports safety courses

Courses will be available throughout the summer

ROANOKE, Va. – With more people heading out on the water in the Roanoke Valley, Carilion is working to make sure everyone stays safe.

The clinic trained several of its employees to become paddle sports safety instructors.

Classes started Wednesday and will be offered throughout the summer.

Participants will learn how to plan the best time to go on the river based on water levels, how to watch out for hazards, and how to rescue themselves in difficult situations.

“We want people in this area to be able to enjoy the kayak, the paddle boards, all that out on our river and what we have right here in this awesome town, but we want them to do it safely," Carilion Trauma Outreach Coordinator Sarah Beth Dimwiddie said.

Click here to find out how you can sign up for one of these courses.