Good Samaritan Law protecting Virginians from prosecution

The safe reporting law went into effect two years ago

RICHMOND – A Virginia law is protecting people seeking medical attention for overdose victims.

The safe reporting law went into effect two years ago. It protects people who fear they are going to be arrested and don't call 911 when someone overdoses.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says people need to know about the law that protects them from prosecution.

Herring said, "We've seen how people who are in the presence of someone who is having an overdose are sometimes worried about getting in trouble themselves and will not report that someone needs help."

Under the law, you will not be prosecuted for possession if you meet all of these conditions:

  • Report the overdose to 911 first.
  • Stay at the scene until first responders have arrived.
  • Identity yourself to police, and cooperate with police in the investigation into what caused the overdose.