Special plaque to be set up in front of Noel Taylor Municipal Building

Plaque to be set up Thursday at 11 a.m.

ROANOKE, Va. – The city of Roanoke will unveil a plaque dedicated to one of downtown's most used buildings.

A special plaque to honor the historic significance of the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building will be set up on the Campbell Avenue side of the building.
Two years ago, the city marked the 100th anniversary of the building by reopening the Campbell Avenue entrance and remodeling the original lobby.

The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation (RVPF) said former City Manager Chris Morrill was instrumental in helping getting the entrance reopened.
Repairs were made to the crown molding and decorative portions of the ceiling and new tile flooring was laid.
The plaque will be set up Thursday at 11 a.m.