Chairs to be left empty for graduating seniors involved in fatal crash

Crash happened on May 19

Credit: WAVY
Credit: WAVY

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Two chairs at a high school graduation in Chesapeake, Virginia, will be left vacant in honor of two seniors involved in a deadly crash, according to WAVY.

The NBC affiliate reported that Katilyn Duffy was killed by a suspected drunk driver in the May 19 crash and her passenger, Sabrina Mundorff, was critically injured and remains hospitalized.

Duffy’s family and graduating seniors at Great Bridge High School have been asking for the empty chairs for the two girls at the ceremony, but said they felt push back from the school administration.

WAVY reported that principal Jeff Johnson sent a letter to parents and teachers at the school Thursday. He said the decision was made to have the empty chairs “based on the specific wishes of Sabrina and Kaitlyn’s families.”

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