Woman who housed man suspected of shooting VSP special agent is kicked out of public housing

Ball already on RRHA ban list


RICHMOND, Va. – A woman who admitted to harboring a fugitive is being evicted, according to NBC12 in Richmond.

According to the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, the woman said she allowed Travis Ball, the man suspected in the shooting of Virginia State Police Special Agent Michael T. Walter, to stay in her home even though he is not on the lease.

NBC12 reports the address for a warrant on Ball was listed as her apartment, which is in the 1900 block of Redd Street.

Ball was also on the RRHA's ban list, but it did not specify the reason to NBC12.

According to police, during a city-state partnership Walter and a Richmond police officer approached a vehicle they observed pulled up to a curb. As the officer was talking to the driver, Walter approached the passenger side, where Ball was seated. Police say within moments, a single shot rang out and Ball was running from the car on foot. He was later captured in Northumberland.

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