95-year-old man inspires others at Alleghany Highlands YMCA

YMCA CEO says Fred McCormick serves as a great example to others

This year the Alleghany Highlands YMCA marks 25 years in the community.

Some members are spending their golden years getting fit and finding friends in the community staple.

Fred McCormick may walk a little slowly on his way to the fitness center at the YMCA, but inside on the bike he is moving right along.

At 95-years-old he makes sure he's in here to exercise at least three days a week.

YMCA CEO, Jennifer Unroe, says Fred serves as a great example to those around him.

“Naturally in the morning I'm pretty stiff, but if I miss a day in here it shows up on me quicker than a minute. I mean I can tell,” Fred explained.    

“One of our other members mentioned that a lot of people call him pops,” explained Unroe.

What may come as a surprise is Fred just started exercising four years ago at the age of 91.

Just like anyone else he says some days the motivation just isn't there.

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