Blacksburg music school finds new home

Renaissance Music Academy of Virginia moves to Corporate Research Center

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The Renaissance Music Academy of Virginia is celebrating its 24th year by moving to a new space of its own.

The move allows the Blacksburg music school to expand how it develops musical talent in its students.

Jenny Morin grew up with music. Her now adult children began their music education at the academy when they were 4, 5 and 7 years old. It helped them develop in ways Morin says no other activity could.

"It's an intellectual activity but it's very fun," she said.

Now she enjoys the sense of accomplishment and personal growth that learning music can bring.

"It opens the creative spirit and the physical development of anyone who tries to play an instrument," said Teresa Ehrlich, Renaissance executive director.

The doors are now open to even more possibilities with RMA's move to its own space at the Corporate Research Center.

Ehrlich says she sensed having all their teachers and programs under one roof would make a difference but perhaps, underestimated how much.    

"They feel like they're part of a music community," she said. "It's not an isolated experience studying a musical instrument."

With their own space at the CRC, there is ample space for individual lesson rooms, an expansive space for performances and RMA no longer has to schedule around community locations.

More importantly, the move increases opportunities for students.  

"Children can sit in on lessons with other teachers," Ehrlich said. "They see and hear other instruments all the time, which is also fun for them and educational."

It's a way of helping children and adults develop a love and appreciation for music one note at a time.

You can find a list of classes here.