Greenbrier County Schools reflect on floods

GREENBRIER COUNTY – Friday is the last day of school in Greenbrier County.

It was a tough year because of last summer's flood, which claimed the lives of 23 people and caused more than $300 million in damage.

The community looks back on a school year that no one thought would be possible, at least at first.

Jeff Bryant, superintendent of Greenbrier County Schools said, "It's almost surreal to look back on the experience and realize it happened and to think where we were almost a year ago and where we are now as a community and the schools have rallied around these children to bring them this far."

Students were brought this far by simply starting classes on schedule after last year's floods.

The principal says they were successful in spite of the obstacles.

Jenny Harden, Principal of Rupert Elementary School said, "And the kids have become quite successful this year and the teachers have been successful. We are also glad that it's the end of the school year and we'll all be able to have a summer this year."

Students are ending the year having some fun by pelting their teachers with wet sponges.