People flock to downtown Danville for city's first-ever food truck rodeo

13 food trucks lined up on Bridge Street Saturday afternoon


DANVILLE – A new local food event is proving to be a big hit.

Danville's first-ever food truck rodeo was held Saturday.

Thirteen food trucks from across the region lined up along Bridge Street.

Hot dogs and hamburgers, pizza, doughnuts, barbecue, tacos and Haitian cuisine were just some of the foods served.

Danville City Councilman James Buckner organized the event after going to several food truck rodeos in Greensboro, North Carolina.

"Most of them had never been to Danville. The way I look at it is, we're bringing 13 new businesses to Danville for one day. If it does good, they'll be back next year or maybe next week. Who knows?" said Buckner.

Those who came to the rodeo said they enjoyed the variety.

Kirkland Gee chose to try some pizza balls. They're like deep fried rolls stuffed with pepperonis and cheese.

"This is delicious. Absolutely delicious. I'm a fan," said Gee. "I actually went out this morning and ran before I came here so I didn't have to feel guilty about eating all this delicious food."

Victoria Jerrett tried Mexican food from Las Gringas and said it was excellent.

"I love food trucks and thought it would be fun seeing everybody get together in Danville," said Jerrett. "(The city hasn't) done a lot down here in the past, so it's kind of fun getting involved in the new stuff that's going on down here."

Kyndal Burke and Piper Fairplay could barely contain their excitement for the food truck rodeo.

"Excited," they both happily exclaimed when asked how excited they were.

"Happy excited," Fairplay added.

Buckner anticipated around 3,000 people coming to the rodeo.

He pointed out that the first time he went to the food truck rodeo in Greensboro, 5,000 people attended. The second time, 10,000 people attended and the third time attendance was around 30,000.

He is going to wait and see how this rodeo went before deciding if and when he'll try to plan another one.

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