Big Lick Brewing moves equipment to new location

Truckloads of brewing equipment were hauled to Big Lick's new location

ROANOKE, Va. – Big Lick Brewing is on the move.

On Monday, truckloads of tanks, fermenters, platforms and other brewery essentials were hauled to Big Lick Brewing's new location off Salem Avenue across from Tuco's Taqueria Garaje.

Big Lick is expanding from its smaller Salem Avenue location and owners say they hope to be up and running by mid-August with some exciting new additions.

"We hope to can, sell the cans out of here. It will have a very nice outdoor space with a stage outside, so we're going to get more into the music side of things. We'll also have a stage indoors," says Bryan Summerson, majority owner and brewmaster.

Summerson says they hope to have 10 to 15 beers on tap and be open five days a week.

Big Lick Brewing will celebrate its three-year anniversary in September.